ERNIE BALL Updates Their VPJR Tuner Pedal With New “Super Bee” Finish

Ernie Ball originally introduced the world to its volume-meets-tuner VPJR Tuner pedal in 2019. Now they’re back with a “Super Bee” version that does pretty much everything the original does, but it looks cooler. Which is all that really matters anyway, right?


Seriously though, the Super Bee version of the VPJR Tuner offers an accurate chromatic tuner and a graphic volume display. The former can be set to a regular chromatic tuner, or calibrated to a variety of reference pitches. Then the volume display is very much a volume display.

The Super Bee VPJR Tuner comes housed in a compact, rugged aluminum housing and a stronger, more durable PVC-coated Kevlar cord. This iteration is limited to 500 units worldwide and can be purchased here for $249.99.

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