ERNIE BALL MUSIC MAN Streams New Demo Of The Sabre HT

Ernie Ball Music Man is now streaming a demo of their Sabre HT guitar in the Showtime finish featuring Jamey Arent.


The Sabre HT features heat-treated (HT) pickups with a more powerful bass response and expansion of higher frequency harmonics, more output, dynamic range, and excellent touch sensitivity. Then there’s the Sabre’s HT preamp boost, which is activated by a push-push volume knob and is factory set to 12db. Via a trim pot inside the control cavity, the preamp can be adjusted up to 20db.

Outside all that, the Sabre HT features an Okoume body with a Roasted Figured Maple neck and fretboard, Schaller M6-IND locking tuners, and a 5-way lever pickup selector for the pickups. The Sabre HT starts at $3,799.99 here.

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