ERNIE BALL MUSIC MAN Drops New, Short Scale Joe Dart Bass

Ernie Ball Music Man is bringing the world a few new ways to funk with both the Joe Dart Jr. Artist Series Signature Bass, as well as a new Black Velvet finish for the standard Joe Dart model.


The Joe Dart Jr. comes with a custom contoured, lightweight ash body and simplified single humbucking layout attached to a 30″ select maple neck with 22 stainless steel frets. The Joe Dart Jr. has an Olympic White finish and comes set up tuned down to C standard. Better yet, the Joe Dart Jr. comes with precisely zero knobs. Because who the hell needs to turn the volume up and down anyway?

Then there’s the Joe Dart bass in a new Black Velvet finish, which is very much the Joe Dart bass in a new Black Velvet finish. Check that out below, and grab a Joe Dart Jr. here for $2,299. It’s limited to 50, so be quick!

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