ERNIE BALL Adds New JP15 and Albert Lee Models to Ball Family Reserve Collection

Ernie Ball Music Man has once again expanded their beautiful Ball Family Reserve collection, this time with a few names you might know. Ernie Ball has added a new rosewood version of the John Petrucci JP15 model, a Coral Blue version of the Sabre, a Black Sparkle Luke III with a dual humbucker, and a classic HSS version of the Albert Lee Signature Model.



This JP15 BFR Natural Rosewood isn’t all looks, despite the drool-worthy picture above. The JP15 features an Okoume body with a rosewood top separated by a micro-thin maple veneer, a rosewood neck with a rosewood fretboard, and each is autographed by John Petrucci himself. Which won’t give you the ability to play Dream Theater riffs, but it’s a nice touch.

The JP15 BFR Natural Rosewood is limited to 89 pieces worldwide; grab it here for $3599 before they’re all gone!


The BFR Sabre stands out with its shocking Coral Blue custom sunburst finish accented by its flame maple top and rosewood neck with a rosewood fretboard. The Sabre comes with proprietary humbuckers with chrome covers, and will probably make everyone else at band practice jealous.

The BFR Sabre in Coral Blue is limited to 60 pieces worldwide, snag one here for $3499 before 60 other people do!

Luke III

I’m not sure if the Luke III belongs in the hands of a regular hair metal-style guy, or the fanciest black metal band you’ve ever seen in your life. The Luke III features a Black Sparkle finish n a lightweight Okoume body, roasted figured maple neck with black block position markers, and a Music Man Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo bridge.

The Luke III BFR HH Floyd is limited to 69 (nice) pieces worldwide.

Albert Lee

This Albert Lee looks like a 50s bowling alley, but probably sounds better than that. The Albert Lee features a lightweight Okoume body in an exclusive Seafoam Sparkle finish, a never before offered HSS pickup configuration with DiMarzio bridge pickup and 2 Ernie Ball Music Man single-coil pickups, and a roasted maple neck and fingerboard without inlays for a cleaner, more streamlined look.

The Albert Lee BFR Seafoam Sparkle is limited to 59 pieces worldwide.

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