Engl Brings You the 810: a Single Rack Space 40 Watt Power Amp

Engl just expanded their power amp lineup by getting small, with a single rack unit that goes by the name of Tube Poweramp 810. It’s a little 40 watt stereo unit with two EL84 tubes per channel. Each side has its own presence and depth knob, but there’s a serious overabundance of volume controls: four total. The reason being is that each side has an A and B volume setting that’s footswitchable, so if you want to boost your decibels for a lead or whatnot you can do it. Cool to see that increasingly common feature in a power amp.


No word yet on the US selling price but in Europe Key Music has one for preorder at 999.99 Euros.

And Engl, pro tip: if you’re going to make a tiny, low wattage guitar amp, maybe you don’t want to give it a model number synonymous with the largest bass cabs? That’s just plain confusing.

enlg 810 2

Source: Premier Guitar

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