Enabler Watched Every Saw Movie While Making Their New Album

I really enjoyed Enabler‘s La Fin Absolue Du Monde, and it’s absolutely absurd that the band already have a new record in the can. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jeff Lohrber has been around the hardcore/thrash/whatevercore block, and it’s exciting to see him finally settle into a band that seems poised to keep doing great things. And from the sound of the new track “By Demons Be Driven,” they’re not letting one bit.


Sick right?

The cut is taken from the band’s upcoming Fail to Feel Safe album, out this summer on Century Media. We’ll have more deets for you soon, but for now, enjoy this Minute And A Half in the Life mini-doc, courtesy Metal Injection, which captures the making of the album at Connecticut’s Silver Bullet Studios. Pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one too.

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  • “And from the sound of the new track “By Demons Be Driven,” they’re not letting one bit.”

    They released a Pantera cover?

  • The guy(s) who are so obviously into John Carpenter are into that crappy Saw franchise … disappointing to say the least.

    • PS: Duh… should have watched the video first.

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