Elysian Guitars Is Kickstarting Their Tuned Aperture Pickups – So We Looked Up What Aperture Means

Elysian Guitars makes some damn good looking axes. They’re a small company, and as such I’ve never gotten to hold one in my loving arms, so I can’t vouch for their quality, but everything appears to be in order, and I’ve only heard good things.


But this post isn’t about the guitars – it’s about their pickups. Specifically, their Tuned Aperture Pickups, and the Kickstarter they’ve got going on to make them more widely available.

So what’s an aperture, and why does it need to be tuned? I had to look it up myself – the aperture is how much of the string’s length interacts with the pickup’s magnetic field (thanks Sound on Sound!). This has a huge effect on the tone (apparently) and as such, changing it one way or the other can bring you closer to (or farther away from) your desired tone.

Elysian Tuned Aperture Pickups

Elysian aims to take on aperture perfection with this pickup design, and although they are currently already making them, the process is extremely time consuming to do each by hand and as such they are seeking funding for the necessary equipment to mass produce them. They also have a stretch goal, which if reached will allow them to begin prototyping a solderless, modular design that would allow you to swap bobbins in your pickup yourself to achieve your desired tone.

So if you think this is a sweet idea, like I do, then get on over to Kickstarter and claim one of their many rewards, which include (of course) some of the TAP Pickups, shirts, luthiery classes, and even some of their rad guitars.

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