ELECTRO-HARMONIX’s New Overdrive Pedal Is Fun To Say

Electro-Harmonix has a new overdrive pedal called the Spruce Goose Overdrive and it’s a blast to say. I mean, it’s also fun to play through, but whatever.


The Spruce Goose Overdrive is an elevated take on a Bluesbreaker-style overdrive with a smooth, rich breakup and a whole host of new features. The Spruce Goose offers a Lift switch to access 3 input gain settings, additional output, and expanded EQ including an active Bass knob.

The Spruce Goose also features mechanical relay true bypass switching with latching and momentary action. Tap the footswitch for a normal latching toggle, or press and hold the footswitch for a momentary blast of gain and boost.

Get the Spruce Goose Overdrive here for $129.

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