ELECTRO-HARMONIX Unveils Hybrid Big Muff Pi Hardware Plugin

Yes, the Big Muff Pi Hardware Plugin is physically a pedal. But it’s also a plugin. The idea is that you can plug your guitar into the physical Big Muff Pi, get all the benefits of an analog pedal, and then transfer that tone to the digital realm. All you need to do is connect the Big Muff Pi via USB and get to playin’. The Big Muff Pi Hardware Plugin also functions as a 2-in/2-out USB audio recording interface, letting you record even when the plugin isn’t engaged. And of course you can use the Big Muff Pi as a standalone pedal.


The Big Muff Pi Hardware Plugin offers a Tone Wicker switch to deliver the option of opening up 3 high-frequency filters, a Tone Bypass button to completely remove the tone control for broadband Big Muff slam, and 10 footswitch-accessible presets to dial in and recall your favorite Big Muff sounds.

Get it here for $328.90.