ELECTRO HARMONIX Teams With J. Mascis For New Fuzz Pedal

If you’ve ever heard Dinosaur Jr. then you know they’re loud as hell and that guitarist J. Mascis’ tone is fuzzier than any beard you’ve ever seen. So of course it’s exciting that Mascis has teamed up with Electro Harmonix to create the brand new J Mascis artist signature fuzz and sustainer pedal. The pedal is based on the 1973 Electro-Harmonix V2 Violet Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi and perfectly emulates Mascis’ loud-ass tone so well that he’s using one too!


“That’s my sound. The Muff is always on” J says. “All distorted sounds begin with the Muff. That’s what I grew up playing so it’s kind of amazing to have my own signature one.”

He later added that he and the pedal have some pretty interesting history. “The Deluxe Big Muff was the first one I had. The first got stolen, then I got another Deluxe, which was hard without Reverb or the internet. I found one guy somewhere who had one. I traded him a Music Man head for the Big Muff, which everyone thought it was insane at the time. But it was my sound. I needed it.”

Grab one here for $131.50.

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