ELECTRO-HARMONIX Drops The New 15 Watt HOWITZER Guitar Amp/Preamp Pedal

Electro-Harmonix recently announced their latest game-changing guitar pedal: the 15 Watt Howitzer Amp/Preamp pedal!


The new ultra-compact pedal essentially functions as a workhorse power amp for your guitar rig. It’s ideal for guitarists who want to use it as part of their portable guitar or as an emergency backup/gig saver should their main amp bite the dust mid-set. It includes volume and gain controls to let you go as clean or as crunchy as you want, while the bass, mid, and treble knobs provide tons of flexible tone-shaping options. See the full specs below! 

The 15 Watt Howitzer features:

  • Pocket-sized form-factor, perfect for studio and live applications
  • Simple, 4-control design, featuring volume knob, bass, mid, and treble controls, and a bright switch for added presence
  • 15 watts of power to let you dial in a range of tones, from clean to crunchy
  • FX loop allows you to insert stompboxes between the preamp and the volume knob
  • Connects to any 8- or 16-ohm speaker via speaker cable
  • A 9V DC/500mA power supply

From EHX Founder, Mike Matthews:

“Dig it! The sandwich-sized 15Watt Howitzer is perfect as part of a compact guitar rig or backup. But the thing I dig the most, is the tone that emanates from the Howitzer. It’s super versatile and—depending on what kind of setup you’re running—fits into any style that’s your bag!”

If this sounds like the pedal your rig has been waiting for, head over to Sweetwater now to get your hands on one!

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