ELECTRO-HARMONIX Drops New Lizard King Bass Octave Fuzz Pedal

Hey, remember the Lizard Queen? Well get to know its absolutely massive counterpart, the Lizard King from Electro-Harmonix. The Lizard King is all about the bass and provides that Queen-like octave fuzz alongside updated tone controls and a new Blend knob.


The EHX Lizard King is a fixed-gain fuzz that is dynamically responsive, meaning lower volumes give a clear and fuzzy overdrive, while full instrument volume sends can make a huge distorted mess… which is great, if that’s your thing.

New to the Lizard King, the Blend knob sets the mix between your clean and fuzz tones, the Tone knob acts as a low pass filter that rolls off the highs, and the Sun/Shadow switch further enhances the tone of the octave fuzz and clean tones.

Check it out below and get it here for $129.

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