EARTHQUAKER Releases Special Plumes Pedal For Akron Elementary School

Reverb is currently offering a special edition of the EarthQuaker Devices Plumes overdrive featuring the colorway and iconography of Akron’s Firestone High School Falcon. The pedal is a part of a fundraising campaign spearheaded by the organizing committee of the Firestone High School Class of 1972, and in conjunction with the non-profit organization Save The Music, to raise $20,000 for the school’s music program.


“Well, I would say that inspiration really came from the Black Keys,” said Roger Marks of the committee. “Of course Pat Carney and Dan Auerbach are graduates of Firestone. We were going through this process, and we knew we wanted to raise money for a cause, but we weren’t sure what it was going to be.

“And then we saw where, in conjunction with the Black Keys release of Delta Kream, they were giving back to the Mississippi communities that spawned the blues sound heard on that release. And one thing led to another, we got a hold of Save The Music, and we said, hey, you know, maybe that’s a good thing for Akron if we raised money for this cause, and it turned out, Save The Music did not have a presence in Akron.”

Grab the pedal here.

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