EARTHQUAKER DEVICES Teams Up With BRAIN DEAD For Limited Ghost Echo Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices has teamed up with the L.A.-based creative studio Brain Dead for a brand new limited colorway of the Ghost Echo Vintage Voiced Reverb. While the pedal itself is no different than the original EarthQuaker Devices pedal, the new limited edition version boasts some ghostly graphics alongside a slimy green color and equally trippy box.


“The Brain Dead creative brain trust has worked with an array of artists, musicians, brands, and companies on one-off runs featuring their colorful combinations of low- and high-brow art drawn from the international street and subcultures they love and celebrate,” said EarthQuaker Devices in a statement. “Here at EQD, we are also inspired by much of the same cinema, music, comics, and all left-of-center forms of art and media as the Brain Dead folks. So, we are giddy with excitement and appreciation that the always innovative brand chose to use one of our stompboxes as a canvas for its latest creative endeavor.

“We think Brain Dead’s eye-mesmerizing graphics pair perfectly with the sound-expanding Ghost Echo, turning it into genuinely functional art. In addition to the unique colorway, Brain Dead has specially designed some colorful and special packaging for the pedal. So, whether you place it on your pedalboard or feature it on your mantle, the Brain Dead Ghost Echo is an excellent addition to your pedal and art collection.”

Get one here for $199.

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