EARTHQUAKER DEVICES Spaces Out With New Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine

Earthquaker Devices went for a pretty long name this time around, as they’ve just introduced their Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine. Though the pedal is pretty damn cool.


The Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine is a three-mode reverb pedal that offers up to six slots to save and recall different presets, as well as a user-assignable expression control that lets you get as weird as you want to. Or as normal, but you’re not buying this pedal just to stick to what you know. I mean, you can… but why? Ledges offers three different reverb modes:

  • Mode R: Room Reverb – At the shortest Length setting, the Room mode achieves a small, boxy room sound that gradually gets bigger as you turn it up.
  • Mode H: Hall Reverb – In Hall mode, as you increase the Length setting, it morphs into a Cathedral style reverb that becomes really big, boomy and echoey with distant reflections.
  • Mode P: Plate Reverb – Turn up Length in Plate mode to get bouncy reflections that recycle and reverberate forever.

Then there are the two operating modes on the pedal, Live Mode and Present Mode. In Live Mode, the pedal will operate exactly where the controls are set and any changes will have no effect on the presets unless saved. In Preset Mode, stored presets are selected using the Preset switch, and the physical settings of the controls will be ignored. And then finally there’s the aforementioned expression control, whcih lets you use any TRS expression pedal to take control over the Length, Damping or Mix.

Get one here for $199.

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