EARTHBOUND AUDIO Goes on Indefinite Hiatus Due to Hurricane Damage

Earthbound Audio owner and founder Mark has unfortunately had to put his pedal operation on hold after extensive damage due to Hurricane Ida. Mark took to Instagram to announce the brand’s hiatus, noting that his Lambertville, NJ home was completely devastated by the storm.


A GoFundMe has been set up for Mark and his family. You can donate here.

“Earthbound Audio is on indefinite hold.

“Wednesday evening tropical storm Ida devastated many areas of NJ & PA, including my town.

“I arrived home around 6:30 pm to a flooded mudroom and small pool of water in the main living room. Within 10 minutes the doors had burst open & over four feet of water filled the living room.

“Fortunately our dogs Max & Toki were safe on the third floor. After I took a shoulder level dip into the pool of brown water I had our cat Flora back to safety on the second floor. Emily cat couldn’t be reached but she took shelter high above the kitchen cabinets and escaped unscathed.

“We don’t know when we will be able to return to the house. Katie & I are fortunate to have a group of amazing friends helping us clean up and figure out a temporary living situation.

“I don’t know when & I can’t even offer a guess at this point but Earthbound Audio will return.

“No thanks to Homesite / Geico insurance who have already rejected our claim as flood damage, which isn’t included in our policy. No thanks to the officials in Lambertville who declared our home ‘out of the flood zone’ before we bought it five years ago. And no thanks to incompetent city engineers who rebuilt parts of the creek along our street four-ish years ago and for some unknown reason skipped the area in front of our house. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered considering that the project didn’t prevent every one of my neighbors from also sustaining severe damage to their homes.”

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