DRUMFORGE Release Their Flagship DF-BUNDLE Plugin Collection

Drumforge are probably already your favourite boutique, drum focused, software-smiths if you spend any amount of time in a DAW mixing metal drums.


So, you might be interested to know that the Drumforge guys have been staying up past their bedtimes, mining raw materials and grinding their smithing stats. And now, straight-out-the furnace and hot off the anvil, the ultimate drum mixing weapon has been crafted.

…Basically, Drumforge has taken all of their great drum mixing tools and combined them into one flagship collection, the DF-BUNDLE.

The DF-BUNDLE is a pretty well rounded plugin pack. You’ve got a harmonic exciter, an EQ, a clipper, a transient designer and a cymbal filter. Combine those with one of your default compressors and parametric EQs from Cubase or ProTools and you’re basically all set for a drum mix.

The official DF-BUNDLE is available in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats and its plugin lineup includes:

  • DF-XCITE – “a multi-band harmonic exciter made to add life and vibrancy to your drum mix.”
  • DF-CLIP – “a tone shaping multi-band clipper which allows your drums to cut through.
  • DF-Q – “the first eq designed by mix engineers specifically for mixing drums to bridge the gap between technicality and musicality.”
  • DF-TRANS – “a transient processor for adding punch and depth to your drum sounds.
  • DF-CLARIFY – “creates clarity in your cymbals using a proprietary audio learning and processing algorithm.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a few of these plugins, or even similar ones, this is a great chance to grab the whole tool-set at a discount.

It also looks like upgrades are available for current users of individual plugins in the pack. Which is pretty damn nice.

The current introductory price is, a very reasonable, $229. So head over to the official Drumforge store, if you’re keen.

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