The iOS Drum Guru Insructional App Was Just Ported to Android

According to Drum Guru’s website their software is “the only app of its kind that features real, pro drummers teaching you one-on-one their signature grooves, licks and fills!” And that may be true. You don’t use an exclamation point unless your have the veracity to back it up. I haven’t found another such program, at any rate.


There are some serious drummers in the lesson packs too. From the metal scene Dream Theater’s Mike Mangini and Mike Portnoy, and Nile’s George Kollias are in the roster. And from the rock world there’s the likes of Artie Lang, Steve Smith, my personal drum hero Steve Gadd, and more.

The good news is that until recently Drum Guru was exclusive to iOS, but now my perpetually shunned brethren in Android have found respite. Windows phone 8 users are out of luck and lonely, but that’s perpetually the way of things.

Here’s a sample video, featuring Mike Mangini teaching you some Jordan rudiments.

Source: Drum!

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