Drewsif Stalin’s Pickup Demo Endeavors – Fastback Beardcombers

Fresh off his victory over the haircut that is Ryan Seacrest in a Miley Cyrus cover contest, the mastermind behind Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors is starting the new year off right with a demo of the Fastback Pickups’ Beardcomber 7 string set.


With his trademark heavy grooves, tasty leads and sense of humor, Drewsif takes his Ibanez Xiphos XPT707FX through a roller coaster of sounds and styles with these pickups, which look like they could be America’s answer to the ubiquitous Bare Knuckles at half the price. The neck pickup is actually a bit reminiscent of the new Sentient from Seymour Duncan to my ears, clean and smooth even with heavy distortion.

Check out the video below and enjoy his other musical endeavors here.

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  • Wow, look at those lightning-fast SKILLS, maybe one day I can be good enough to play pop music on 7 strings too, all whilst losing any and all credibility amongst my peers! chug chug chug… chug chug chug… chug chug chug…

    • Someone missed the point of a pickup demo

    • Actually, I’m losing my credibility on an 8 string, the 7 string stuff has been strictly originals so far! Thanks for watching!

      • Trolls are allergic to the truth, and sunlight. This video rules. LONG LIVE DREWSIF

      • Am I correct to assume there was no micing involved and you recorded this using some kind of amp sim? Kind of interested in these now but I’m curious as to how well they push real tubes. You got a 6505+ or a Recto you could play these through?

    • Cause yaknow, all he did is chug the whole video. totally.

    • Wow, look at that pathetic little DOUCHEBAG, maybe one day I can be as much of a piece of shit as him, all whilst loosing any and all credibility amongst my peers! *slurping on dick noise* *slurping on dick noise* *slurping on dick noise*… *slurping on dick noise* *slurping on dick noise* *slurping on dick noise*… *slurping on dick noise* *slurping on dick noise* *slurping on dick noise*…

  • Haha…..looks like you girls are handling it hard that ya’ll aint good or well known enough to get a pickup deal. Bashing other artists won’t make this happen any sooner. So why not stop the bitching and create a video how you think it should be done instead of fantasizing about him dickslurping.

    With the Djent vibe going on in all the bands today in their effort to become as good as Periphery…I think this is a propper compostion. Lot of chucks, some clear chords, good bass sound. It’s cool! Also, his phrasing is pretty good so stop the bitching and make ya own goddamn videos.

    And yeah, I’m gay for him, I’m a fag bla bla bla bla and now this fag is going back into the studio making some tunes and money! SUCK IT!

    • Send his guitar rig and his recording gear to me and I’ll give it a try.

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