DR. NO EFFECTS Made a Crap-tacular Fuzz Pedal – THE TURD Fuzz

Dr. No are notorious for their handmade vintage effects and creatively designed enclosures. Their range has the overall aesthetic of something you might have found in the candy section of a 90s 7/11, or maybe on a shelf in your favorite childhood department store next to some Silly Putty and Sea Monkeys.


So obviously the Dr. No team don’t take themselves too seriously and have some fun with their pedal designs. But now they’ve gone and outdone themselves with this piece of shit.

And it comes in a paper bag… *slow clap*

That’s right. It’s a fuzz pedal inside a squishy, soft foam, cartoon-looking shit pile. And you have to step right on top of it to hit the switch. Genius.

I can already picture some Stoner Doom guitarist, tripping his dick off, having to play a whole set on the clean tone, afraid to kick the fuzz switch because he swears that he can smell something “real” emanating from it.

From production to delivery (actual real-life footage from the Dr. No factory).

The ‘Turd Fuzz’ is a collaboration between Dr. No and Euro hotrod-punk guitarist Peter van Elderen.

And if fuzz is what you’re into, it doesn’t sound bad at all. It’s got that classic vintage fuzz tone courtesy of two NOS transistors under the hood. So it’s a fairly straight-down-the-line, “no funny business” fuzz. It just comes in a funny box.

Oh and it also works pretty swell for bass.

Dr. No Effects pretty much have the “fuzz pedals that look like bodily waste” market cornered. So if that’s a market you’d like to get in on, head over to their website.

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