Do Something Good For Once in Your Life: Buy a Dean Zelinsky Guitar and Give a Free One to a Vet

Veterinarians are heroes. If you’ve had a beloved pet that you didn’t think would pull through, be it suffering from heartworm or parvo or… wait, scratch that….


Veterans are heroes. If you’ve known someone who has returned from overseas and want to say thank you, and you’re passionate about playing guitar, than Guitars for Veterans may be your kind of charity. The organization provides free guitars, and lessons to go with them, to soldiers struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Most of us metalheads share the commonality that music has been a type of therapy in our lives, and Guitars for Veterans takes that concept literally.

Now Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars and currently the proprietor of Dean Zelinsky Private Label, is donating a matching G4V Tagliare guitar whenever an upstanding citizen such as yourself purchases one.

“When you buy the G4V Tagliare, you can feel good about putting a fine guitar in the hands of someone who sacrificed so much for our country,” said Dean Zelinsky. “We hope many artists and musicians alike will fly the flag of G4V by purchasing and playing these unique guitars. They can be proud that through their support, veterans will be receiving guitars, lessons and therapy through music.”

Learn more about the program, and pick up a pair of guitars to share between yourself and a veteran, and Dean Zilinsky Private Label Guitars’ website. The Gv4 Tagliare model sells for $369.

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