DEVIN TOWNSEND Runs Down His Signature Fluence Pickups

Ever the expert at self-expression, Devin Townsend sat down with Fishman Fluence to talk about his signature Transcendence pickups. As he notes here, the Transcendence pickups give him three unique tonal options to use. When you’re as prolific a musician as Devin Townsend, being able to quickly dial in distinctive sounds without impeding workflow is paramount. According to him, these things allow just that, and you can hear him run through several tonal possibilities in the video below:


The first voice is what Devin describes as a “heavy metal, active pickup” type sound that you’d expect from much of his work. The second is a single-coil clean sound which he concludes is the most important to him. The final voice can be characterized as a more traditional, passive-voiced humbucking tone. If you’re looking for a pickup that can do brutal metal riffage and sweet jangly cleans, the versatility in these might be what you’re after. Even cooler, included with the video are downloadable stems of the sounds demoed to help you decide if these will work for you on your journey to tonal nirvana.

I really don’t think The Devin would ever steer you wrong. He’s got tone for days and these puppies sound absolutely killer…

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