De-Clutter Your Pedalboard With The TC ELECTRONIC Skysurfer Mini Reverb Pedal

Pedalboard real estate can be a real pain in the ass, which TC Electronic totally gets. That’s why they just rolled out the new Mini version of their Skysurfer Reverb pedal – because you can’t stop jamming pedals into your rig and you still need great tone.


The Skysurfer Mini Reverb offers three studio-grade algorithms created by TC Electronic all housed in a compact box. The types of reverb you’ll get with the Skysurfer Mini Reverb include spring, which recreates all of the drip and splash of an old school reverb tank; plate, which enables you to mimic classic studio reverbs; and hall, will really ramp things up and sends your sound right into space.

The Skysurfer Mini Reverb also allows you to tailor the sound of your reverbs decay via the tone knob, and comes with a true bypass footswitch.

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