“DAWN PATROL” Is David Ellefson’s Signature Bass Chorus from PRO TONE PEDALS

Pro Tone Pedals shows no signs of adding anyone less than super high-profile to their signature pedal roster. This time around, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson joined the family with his addition to the pedal lineup: the Dawn Patrol bass chorus. The announcement came at the London Bass Guitar Show over the weekend. According to Mr. Ellefson,


Chorus is one of my go-to effects live, an ace weapon in my arsenal, and in many regards, helped me transition my signature tone from studio to live on classic songs like ‘Dawn Patrol.’ So the idea of developing a great chorus pedal was really a no-brainer. Dennis and the Pro Tone team are technical wizards, and developed the DAWN PATROL to my exact specifications, and together we’ve created a high quality, hand-built stompbox pedal that I’m positive will find a special place in any bassist’s rig.

The pedal features Mix, Speed, and Depth controls and was designed to recreate some of Ellefson’s rich bass tones on classic Megadeth tunes. Of course, as is typical of the Pro Tone stuff, the pedal’s artwork is one-of-a-kind as well. The Dawn Patrol will start shipping March 15th and will be available for a short time at an introductory price of $189.99. For a full list of features and ordering info, click here.


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