DAREDEVIL PEDALS Rolls Out Deceptively Complex Aces Hybrid Amplifier

The Aces Hybrid Amplifier is a little more complicated than it looks. The pedal keeps it pretty simple with one Output level knob, though under that simplistic layout (and cool artwork) is 1 NOS Germanium and 1 modern silicon transistor alongside two internal trim pots to be adjusted for gain staging. So y’know – get your gain on, but not in just one way.


“The Aces Hybrid Amplifier found its origins in RCA data sheets from the 1950’s,” said Daredevil Pedals. “Simple 2 stage gain circuits utilizing germanium transistors, the only kind available at the time. I wanted to use the same approach but give it the Daredevil treatment, creating something unique that nailed a tone bouncing around in my head. The end result cranks out the warm, sweet sustain of germanium, while having that biting rock n roll gain on top… nailing the best of both worlds. Great for solos, a leave-on effect, or stacking with other pedals.”

Get one here for $169.

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