D’ANGELICO Brings Back P-90 Equipped Bedford Guitars

D’Angelico, known largely for their hollowbody and semi-hollowbody designs, have brought back the P-90-loaded Bedford series in a few different ways.


First up is the Premier Bedford. The Premier Bedford returns with either an offset Mahogany or Basswood body depending on which color you choose, slim and satin-finished C-shape Maple Scarf neck, and Ovangkol fretboard with block inlays. The Premier Bedford comes loaded with two Duncan Designed P90s alongside a Chrome Tune-O-Matic bridge with a 6-point Tremolo.

The Premier Bedford is available in Sky Blue, Oxblood, and Black Flake finishes for $849.

Then there’s the higher-end Deluxe Bedford SH Limited Edition, which comes in two different iterations. There are the Sapphire and Sage Deluxe Bedford SH Limited Editions, which offer an offset Alder body, slim neck with Rosewood fretboard, and the option of a Wilkinson 6-point Tremolo on the Sage or a regular stoptail bridge on the Sapphire. Both feature a Seymour Duncan P90 Stack in the bridge and neck position. Then there’s the Rust iteration, which features the same as the Sage version except for the pickups – those are Seymour Duncan STR52-1 single coils in both the neck and middle position, and a Seymour Duncan SM-1b Mini-Humbucker in the bridge.

All three Deluxe Bedford SH Limited Editions are available for $1,699.

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