DANELECTRO Goes Way Back For The Nichols 1966 Fuzz Drive

Danelectro is here to give you all the retro fuzz you could want with their brand new Danelectro Nichols 1966. The pedal is a modern re-creation of the Liverpool Fuzz-Tone, originally created by Foxx pedals founder and current Danelectro owner Steve way back in the ’60s.


“Steve had no money to buy a fuzz and no access to any schematics,” wrote Danelectro of the pedal and its predecessor. “So he created a completely unique circuit architecture that has never been seen again. Although he called his box a ‘fuzz’, it was in fact half way between a distortion and a fuzz. This incredible box dishes out delicious tones unlike those of any pedal ever made.”

The Danelectro Nichols 1966 offers all the classic controls you’d expect from a fuzz pedal – Fuzz, Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs with an extra option to cut your mids. The Danelectro Nichols 1966 brings with it a unique 3-transistor circuit and gives you a distinctive “glass-shattering” sound.

Get it here for $199.

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