CRAZY TUBE CIRCUITS Offers A Few Overdrives With Super Conductor Pedal

Crazy Tube Circuits has just unveiled their all-new Super Conductor pedal at NAMM 2022. The pedal features four boost circuits within its tiny frame, each of which features different input and output impedance, internal voltage, and simply behaves differently overall on the volume and output knob.


The four circuits are:

  • RM, based on Crazy Tube Circuits interpretation of the 60s classic germanium treble booster
  • EP, which is a JFET preamp based on the preamp circuit of a tape echo unit of the early 70s
  • MA, which is an op-amp boost based on a clean and “transparent” volume booster of the late 70s and early 80s
  • MF, which is based on a late 90s ultra-transparent, high input impedance MOSFET boost

The pedal also features tone shaping modifications individual to each circuit. Check it out below and grab one here for $199.

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