Cory Wong Teams Up With JACKSON AUDIO For New Overdrive Pedal

Cory Wong, whose work you know from his solo stuff and Vulfpeck, finally has his own overdrive pedal with Jackson Audio called The Optimist. As Wong puts it, “The Optimist is the most versatile overdrive pedal I’ve ever used. Designed to give me a full range of drive levels for punchy rhythm to soaring lead.”


The Optimist employs two separate overdrives – the first has the mid bump Klon circuit that we’re all so fond of, and the second has a flat response overdrive that has an incredible range of drive. The Optimist tops itself off with a solid EQ to really shape your tone “that focuses on the frequencies that you want more of in single coils, and less of in humbuckers.” I mean look, it’s Cory Wong. The man has seen great success and designed a killer pedal.

The Optimist is available here for $349.