CORT Unveils the All-Black X500 Menace

Cort is bringing back their X500 guitar as the very metal-looking X500 Menace. With an all-black finish and feature upgrades, the new version looks as good as it sounds.


The X500 Menace features a Mahogany neck-thru body with a Solid Maple and a seven-piece Maple, Purple Heart, and Panga Panga neck with a 24-fret Ebony fredtboard. The X500 comes equipped with a FloydRose 1000 Series Tremolo, and a Seymour Duncan Sentient in the neck and Nazgûl in the bridge. Basically everything you could need for a pretty metal tone.

Aesthetically, the X500 Menace comes with a Black Satin finish and black hardware. Couple that with a reverse headstock and a darker neck, and you’re pretty much all set to go write some Bolt Thrower-esque riffs. Plus, it just looks cool, and who doesn’t want that?

The X500 Menace is available for $849.99.