CORNERSTONE Rolls Klon And Bluesbreaker Clones Into One Pedal

Klon Centaur and Marshall Bluesbreaker clones are pretty common, but what about both at the same time? Italian boutique pedal maker Cornerstone has done exactly that with their new Coliseum pedal. Yes, the right side of the pedal is all Bluesbreaker and the left side is all Klon… or Bad Monkey, depending on who you ask these days.


“Over a year ago I asked the online community of Cornerstone players what they wanted me to build next,” said Cornerstone of the pedal. “The overwhelming response was a dual overdrive that brought together two legendary circuits: the Klon and the Bluesbreaker. On the left hand side we have the Klon circuit. In addition to the magical, germanium diodes, I’ve added some delicious sounding silicon diodes with a knob that allows you to blend between them. It’s something you simply have to try for yourself!

“On the right hand side is the Bluesbreaker circuit. The big change here is I removed the clipping diodes all together! The gain comes entirely from a killer op amp which gives you all the gain and tone of the original with all the volume! This pedal has far exceeded our expectations. Not only is it an amazing overdrive in its own right, but the fact that it came from our global community of Cornerstone players is so exciting!

“If you want to be part of the next community pedal, just join the Cornerstone Community group on Facebook.”

Get it here for $359.

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