CORMORANT Posted a Trailer for their Upcoming Album Diaspora

For those of you that don’t know, Cormorant are a Blackened Progressive Death Metal band from the Bay Area in San Francisco California. They’ve got this early 90’s ‘Swedish melodic Black Metal’ sound, peppered with acoustic passages and haunting clean vocals. Think early ‘Orchid/Morningrise‘ era Opeth.


Cormorant’s last album, Earth Diver, was acclaimed for its elaborately constructed songs with extended narrative structures, shadowy soundscapes and cinematic atmosphere. But that album was released three years ago and the band has now been writing material for a new album for two years.

That next album is Diaspora. And, by the looks of it, the band is sticking to their songwriting guns on this one ‘cos it reportedly has a run-time of one hour – with only four songs. Take note, that’s how you “progressive”.

I’m not confident I can correctly pronounce either the band name or album title.

The band recorded with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, who also mixed the album, and had the the mastering done at Audioseige with Brad Boatright, who has worked on Sleep, YOB and Gatecreeper albums.

Diaspora Track Listing:

1. Preserved In Ash
2. Sentinel
3. The Devourer
4. Migration

Follow Cormorant on their Facebook page for news about the release of Diaspora. Also check out their current music (the Earth Diver album is pretty sick) over at their bandcamp.

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