COPPERSOUNDS Drops New Boost And Fuzz Pedals

CopperSounds is the latest brand to go small as they’ve introduced their Renegade Multi-Bias fuzz pedal and the newly-improved Gravity Bomb clean boost pedal.


The Renegade is derived from the classic Tone Bender MK1 and offers a toggle switch to select between two different bias voltages, and offers a Master Volume knob to increase or decrease the amount of desired fuzz. Renegade feature mechanical, true-bypass switching and is available here for $149.

Then there’s the Gravity Bomb V2, which offers up to 20dB of clean boost over the sweep of it’s volume pot, and allows players to further dial in their boosted tone by selecting from three different mid-range types. The Gravity Bomb V2 is available here for $129.

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