CODE ORANGE: Guitarist REBA MEYERS Discusses Becoming 1st Female ESP Signature Artist

Code Orange has been on top of the world these last few years. I can remember back to the days when they were known as Code Orange Kids; a band that was always on tour and always grinding away wherever they could set up their equipment. Even then they were a band that always stood out from the rest of the pack. It seems that hard work has finally paid off and Code Orange is getting the attention they deserve. A few weeks ago Code Orange released their brand new record Underneath in the midst of this pandemic, but it hasn’t slowed them down at all.


Recently, guitarist Reba Meyers became the first female signature artist in ESP Guitar history by unleashing her LTD RM-600 on the world. This guitar features ESP’s “Viper” body style with some of Meyer’s personal touches including a neck-thru-body construction, a mahogany body in a new Black Marble Satin finish, a 3-piece maple neck with Macassar ebony fingerboard, a reverse headstock based on the LTD M Series with special orange LTD logo, a single EMG 81 pickup (also with custom orange logo), and an EMG TKO kill switch.

Meyers had this to say about becoming the first female signature artist with ESP:

“I’m sure there’s a lot of women out there that can shred a lot harder than I do! I hope this inspires other guitarists who are confident in how they play, even if it isn’t the usual demo shredding guitar style. There’s a lot of that and it’s cool, but that’s not why I love guitar.

I’m glad I can represent not only female guitarists but also any guitar player who isn’t the same as the rest of the roster. I feel like I come from a different side of things. When you’re born into punk music, you don’t play the typical way.

I’m self-taught; I learned how to play based on who I saw in my city. Nowadays, everyone can look on YouTube, but growing up, it was more about taking little pieces from other musicians in Pittsburgh and my friends. It’s that more unique, self-taught style.”

More info on the LTD RM-600 here.