All Poetic Audio Releases New CLICKTRACK MIXER: Simple, All-In-One Backing Track Mixer


The good people at All Poetic Audio recently unveiled their newest product: the ClickTrack Mixer! This little unit was designed to eliminate the need for bulky, overly-complicated mixers for live use. Its compact design allows it to be easily mounted with its own spring clamp that fastens onto any piece of drum hardware, and the simple layout makes signal routing incredibly intuitive. It’s a clean and easy way for anyone to route backing and click tracks for live performance use. Check out the list of features below!

  • This mixer has a mono’d headphone output jack so you receive click in both ears!
  • This is as simple as it can get. No more panning or faders. One simple knob to control your in-ear level.
  • Option of running off a 9volt battery.
  • This comes with a built-in DI box. (Tracks out)
  • 6″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″.

From All Poetic Audio:

“Simply plug a Y splitter cable into your phone, tablet or playback device and route your 1/4s accordingly. Plug an XLR into the built-in DI (Tracks Out) for the house backing, your headphones in and you are ready to rock!”

You can learn more about it here on the All Poetic Audio website.

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