CHIBSON USA Made Their Own NFTs Because of Course They Did

Chibson USA, arguably one of the best spoof brands on the Internet that somehow hasn’t been sued into another dimension by Gibson USA, is finally making something! It’s nothing guitar-related and has everything to do with non-fungible tokens (NFT), the fancy .gifs for rich people that are taking the Internet by storm for the next month or whatever.


All four NFTs are available here, though you’ll have to pay for them in WETH (Wrapped Ethereum), which is a part of the Ethereum blockchain. As ridiculous as this all seems, good on whoever is selling an NFT for an insane price at this point. People are paying big bucks for literal .gifs and photos that look identical to the ones you and I both see in the preview images, and I guess it’s an easy way to make some quick money.

Special out to Chibson for selling a screenshot of Bitcoin billionaire Cameron Winklevoss sharing one of their NFTs. Take your shots where you can, right? Also, if you’re still completely unsure on what the hell an NFT is, the Wall Street Journal does a pretty good job explaining them with this video.

See? Now you learned something today!

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