CHERRY AUDIO Emulates Early Prog Sounds With New Lowdown Bass Synthesizer

Cherry Audio is throwing it way back to the progressive rock days of early Yes and Rush, all thanks to their Lowdown Bass Synthesizer. The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer emulates the floor-based bass synthesizers of yesteryear, all thanks to synth wizard Mark Barton.


The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer features a faithful virtual analog emulation of the monophonic bass pedal synths; dual oscillators and a 24dB/octave lowpass filter with controls for Cutoff, Emphasis, and Contour; and single-button access to Bull, Tuba, and Bass factory presets. Elsewhere, the pedal offers master “foot” sliders for Loudness and Filter, and perhaps more importantly a choice of 14 floor backgrounds.

The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer is available here for $25.

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