Chelsea FC Girlfriends and Wives

1. Goalkeeper. Marta Dominguez  


With all due respect to Petr Cech and his beautiful wife, the life partner of Thibaut Courtois seems to be a better pick to us. In a sense, it is even symbolic – as the Belgian ousted his older colleague from Chelsea, Thibaut’s girlfriend took the place of Cech’s wife in our team. Everything is quite logical.

2. Right back. Gemma Acton  

Branislav Ivanovich is the only right back that Chelsea has, so we had only two options when putting together the wives and girlfriends of Chelsea players into a team: either to put Branislav’s wife here or experiment a bit. We chose the second path, with all due respect to the Serb. Gary Cahill’s wife, Gemma Acton will be our right back – she just seems a bit nicer than Branislav’s wife.

3. Centre back. Aleksandra Pavic  

We had to cheat once again when it came to finding a Centre back for our team, so we’ve picked the wife of Nemanja Matic here. We think that she will be perfect for the job. Aleksandra Pavic is a top model and seems to be quite a clever girl; she has already managed to give her husband a child, which gives her a few points on our list.

4. Full back. Toni Poole  

John Terry’s wife, Tony Poole, has experienced many upheavals in her life, the main ones of which are her husband’s infidelity. But the couple is still together, and John is again in great shape – he is a great football player, he is a part of a great team, and his family life seems to be fine. Her patience and commitment are remarkable.

5. Left back. Patricia Kasmirski  

Wife of Filipe Louis, Patricia is a great woman. It seems that the Brazilian defender married the first girl whose hair was longer and more beautiful than of the player himself. Well, to be honest, the girl seems to be quite sweet, and no one can rival her looks in this position.

6. Right midfielder. Lyudmila Emboama  

Lyudmila is the wife of the player by the name of Oscar. They have been married since 2011. They are raising their daughter, Julia, and Lyudmila herself is not shy about taking part in social activities, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, for example.

7. Centre-midfielder. Olga Dyachenko  

The luxurious Russian businesswoman is dating with the Nigerian John Obi Mikel. Olga is a graduate of the European Business School in London and is one of the founders of the fashion brand “Allegra De Lago.”

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8. Centre-midfielder. Daniella Semaan  

The life partner of Cesc Fabregas, Daniella Semaan, loves gorgeous outfits and showing them off on her Instagram page. Yet we cannot blame her for her desire to show off, as she is quite a gorgeous lady.

9. Left midfielder. Vanessa Martins  

With all the admiration that we have for Eden Azar, Willian’s wife Vanessa Martins joins our team as the left midfielder. She is a lawyer and the mother of two beautiful daughters – Valentina and Manuela. She has been alongside her husband for a long time. We do not the exact year when they’ve met, but it’s probably around 2010-2011, since Willian’s days in Shakhtar Donetsk.

10. Forward. Fanni Remy  

Diego Costa and his girlfriend could have been here, but the guy has a relationship crisis right now. It’s a pity as his girlfriend is quite stunning! In the absence of real competition in this position, the wife of Loïc Rémy, Fanni, gets to be our forward player.  

11. Forward. Melissa Botero

This is what a limited team composition leads to. Yes, we didn’t have enough forwards and their wives to put together a decent team, so in place of the second forward, we’ve got the girlfriend of the flank midfielder Juan Cuadrado. Melissa Botero is a very nice girl, and most importantly, she is much prettier than the girlfriend of Didier Drogba. Well, we have our own taste after all.

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