Check Out This Guitar Made Entirely From Ikea Furniture

YouTuber and hobby luthier Tchiks Guitars originally joked that maybe he should make a guitar out of his daughter’s old bed… and then of course that joke became reality and here we are. “The guitar started out as a joke,” said Tchiks Guitars. “I remember going upstairs and telling my wife, ‘I’m gonna make a guitar out of Zoé’s old bed.’ She rolled her eyes to the ceiling and asked me, ‘Why?'”


The guitar is comprised entirely of Ikea’s Stuva cot, Henriksdal chair, and Lack shelf, while the fretboard is all made from the Målerås picture ledge and various other bits of hardware from the Aptilig chopping board, Lilangen door handle, and Kallax cupboard knob. It’s impressive as hell and makes you wonder when Ikea is going to roll out their own DIY guitar kit. Clearly the materials they have on hand work.

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