Check Out These GIBSON Guitars You Need Sunglasses to Look At


Custom guitars are cool, right? Everyone loves having an instrument that is unique to them. It gets people’s attention, and it’s a conversation starter. Did you ever want a custom guitar AND to blind your audience without lights? Gibson’s got you, bud.

Gibson has just announced these highlighter colored Les Pauls dubbed the “Modern Axcess” models, and boy howdy are they bright. It hurts to look at these things on my computer screen, I can’t imagine what they’re like in person. I can’t say these things look too bad, but that’s just because I’m a sucker for Les Pauls. It’s sort of like Gibson saw those similarly colored Ibanez guitars and went “THAT’S IT!” The specs seem pretty good, and I guess it is Gibson, but I know that can make or break a deal for some of you. So I’m just gonna leave this one to you guys.

These should be available in the near future, if you want to see the aforementioned specs, check ’em here. Now, if these things also doubled as actual highlighters, you gotcherself a deal there. Someone make that.

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