CHASE BLISS Opens Pre-Orders For New Reverse Mode C Pedal

Chase Bliss is back with another weird one, this time in the form of the Reverse Mode C. The Reverse Mode C offers distinct delay voices – forward, backward, and up – that can be individually controlled and meshed together for some interesting tones. The pedal was made in collaboration with Empress Effects and is a celebration of a special mode found on their Superdelay, released in 2008.


The Reverse Mode C is available to pre-order here for $399.99 until August 31. And then it’s gone forever.

“This has been a fun one. We weren’t planning on making a pedal for our 10th anniversary but then this idea floated to the surface and we dropped everything we were doing,” said Chase Bliss of the pedal. “We’re calling it a ‘Multidirectional Delay’ and once you hear it I think that will make a lot of sense. The most surprising part of this release is really that it’s taken us this long to collaborate with Empress Effects.

“Steve Bragg has long been one of my biggest influences and supporters, and that’s really why now felt like the time to do this. Empress were already this big creative powerhouse before Chase Bliss even existed and their Superdelay in many ways inspired our approach to making pedals. Reverse Mode C is a tribute to my favorite mode on that pedal.

“That’s a story we’ll tell more over the next month, and there’s also a blog linked in the bio where I blab about it. There’s actually a lot to talk about because this is also the first pedal in our Small Batch Bliss collection. It’s a made-to-order collection of special edition pedals with no quantity limits – simply order by the end of August and we’ll make one just for you.”

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