CHASE BLISS Eats Your Tape With New Generation Loss MKII Pedal

Chase Bliss is back with yet another incredibly strange pedal, this time in the form of the Generation Loss MKII. The Generation Loss MKII is dubbed a “VHS Duplicator,” and for good reason – it’s meant to mimic all the weirdness of everything from VCRs to cassette decks. The Generation Loss MKII offers a Model knob for plays to choose between different types of tape-based sounds, a Failure Knob to emulate just how many snags and wrinkles you want throughout your playtime, and Wow and Flutter knobs to adjust warble.


All this can be turned off with the Classic dip switch, which reverts the pedal back to the original Generation Loss sound. It’s also worth noting that the Generation Loss MKII is the first Chase Bliss stereo pedal in their classic format and offers connectivity such as MIDI, CV and Expression control, presets, and internal modulation.

Pre-order one here for $399.

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