CHASE BLISS Drops New MOOD MKII Ambient Pedal

Chase Bliss is back with the MKII version of their Mood pedal and it’s got some new features. The MKII version of Mood offers a whole slew of new features like stereo, overdubbing, freezing, syncing, fading, filtering, balancing, blending, and smoothing, as well as a polished up sound quality. Though you can still go back to the slightly more lo-fi version of the MKI if that suits your sound better.


The MOOD MKII offers always-listening looper that also allows for overdubbing; a Wet Channel that features real-time effects that can process your micro-loops, input signal, or both; and the ability to play MOOD MKII with a keyboard.

Check out the demo below and get one here for $399.

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