CATALINBREAD Rolls Out Tap-Tempo Footswitch For Belle Epoch Deluxe

Catalinbread is coming into 2022 with their brand new CB Tap extension. The CB Tap is an external tap-tempo pedal built to connect to the Belle Epoch Deluxe, though it’ll work with any pedal with a tap-tempo out. Catalinbread points out that this does unfortunately exclude “Boss pedals and other non normally-open taps.”


The CB Tap comes with a Catalinbread six-inch 1/4″ TRS patch cable to connect it to whichever pedal you decide to use. Then all you need to do is start tapping and the CB Tap will set a delay time, which can then be multiplied into uniform subdivisions by adjusting the Echo Delay knob. It’s also worth noting that the CB Tap can’t make your pedal go any slower than it’s capable – the Belle Epoch Deluxe, for example, can only go as slow as 800ms.

The CB Tap is available here for $65. You can also grab both the Belle Epoch Deluxe and Bell Epoch here as well for $359.99 and $209.99, respectively.

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