CATALINBREAD Offers Marshall Plexi Emulation With New Pedal

Catalinbread is basically taking a whole Marshall Plexi amplifier and jamming it into a pedal, all thanks to their Dirty Little Secret Deluxe.


The Dirty Little Secret Deluxe offers an upgraded circuit from the original Dirty Little Secret alongside a phase inverter, power amp sim, and output transformer. Then there’s a switch to swap out Super Lead and Super Bass modes, as well as an externalized Presence knob to really nail those Marshall tones.

Oh, and there’s a single preamp tube simulator that can be used independently of the main circuit for some extra boost. The Dirty Little Secret Deluxe can be run with either the Boost first or second, depending on how much grit you’re going for.

The Dirty Little Secret Deluxe offers controls for Master volume, Preamp mix, the aforementioned Presence knob, 3-band EQ, and a Boost volume and switch a Bypass switch. There’s the usual inputs and outputs, as well as a Line Out jack that gives you a dedicated +10dB output. The Dirty Little Secret Deluxe is available here for $299.

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