CATALINBREAD Is Offering 20% Off Some Great Pedals

Catalinbread is offering 20% off a handful of their pedals for the next few days, at which point they go back to being more expensive. So y’know, if you’re looking for some great effects in the very near future, this one’s for you! Might we suggest the Soft Focus?


Soft Focus

The Soft Focus patch on the Yamaha FX500 was widely used in the ‘90s by early shoegaze bands, most notably Slowdive on Souvlaki. With its roots in that patch, the Catalinbread Soft Focus is intended to be an instant shoegaze button, while addressing the most glaring issues of the original unit: no mix control, a sub-par preamp, and a ghastly tone-sucking bypass signal.

The Soft Focus pedal is available here for $167.99.

Sabbra Cadabra

Way back when, there was Black Sabbath and then there was everyone else. Now you can channel your very own Tony Iommi-styled tones with the Sabbra Cadabra, which is designed to give players that sonic experience, re-contextualized for today’s approach where players tend to use amps solely within their clean range at more mortal volume levels.

The Sabbra Cadabra is available here for $143.99.

Topanga Burnside

The Topanga Burnside has all the springy, surfy mojo of the original Topanga but now features a Trem knob that controls the rate of a lush tremolo effect. Catalinbread revisited the original Topanga and found that placing the tremolo between reverb stages yielded the best results––not too choppy, not too washed out. So now you can get your surf rock on nice and easy… or clean black metal. Whatever.

The Topanga Burnside is available here for $175.99.

CB30 Vox-Voiced Overdrive

Just like the amp it’s based on, the Catalinbread CB30‘s Treble and Bass tone controls offer tremendous sound-shaping potential. Dialed back, you’ll enjoy a vibrant-yet-balanced sound with plenty of low-end richness and jangly highs. As you increase the Treble or Bass controls, the more scooped the mids become, for that full-bore ’60s rock sound.

The CB30 Vox-Voiced Overdrive is available here for $143.99.

Belle Epoch Deluxe

The Belle Epoch offers an exact EP-3 circuitry, from the 22 volt power rail, to the JFET preamp (later spec), to the mixer stage, to the high gain silicon transistor based record and playback amplifiers, to the feedback loop. All circuitry is faithfully reproduced and fine-tuned from the original EP-3 specifications. The only thing missing are the record and playback heads, with a 24-bit high-fidelity digital delay line taking the place of the tape.

The Belle Epoch is available here for $287.99.

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