CATALINBREAD Inspires Shoegaze With New Soft Focus Reverb Pedal

Do you need to get your shoegaze on RIGHT NOW? If so, Catalinbread has just rolled out their new Soft Focus Reverb pedal, allowing you to do precisely that. The Soft Focus Reverb pedal is based on the Yamaha FX500 rackmount made famous by Slowdive‘s 1993 album Souvlaki, and offers everything from a reverb to multi-voiced chorus and different octave effects. All three effects can be controlled on the pedal, alongside Mix and Volume knobs.


The two main differences between the old Yamaha and the new Catalinbread are a brand new Mix knob (as noted above) and the removal of the digital delay. The Soft Focus Reverb is available now for $209.

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