Carvin Guitars Reveals the VADER – 27″ Scale Headless 6, 7, and 8 String Models

When the Extended Range Guitar trend hit this past couple of years, Carvin was there to give players the axes they wanted with the more strings they needed. And at that, they are custom shop guitars at stock guitar prices (no, Carvin isn’t paying me to say these things, I have held their guitars in my arms and determined it to be so) and hell if they aren’t (mostly) downright beautiful (the problem with custom guitars, of course, is that some people have terrible taste).


Carvin Headless Vader guitar 2

So now with a new headless ERG vibe fueling the G.A.S. of players everywhere, Carvin is bringing them to the masses with their new Vader headless line. They will be making their debut at NAMM 2015 next week and they are looking proper in pictures provided on the Carvin Facebook page. They have beveled edges for ergonomic appeal, 27″ scale for tight low notes and Hipshot headless hardware. I find it a tad unusual that all 6, 7, and 8 string models have the same scale length, but I’m sure they’ll play like a dream.

No word yet on pricing, but we’ll be bringing you more coverage as NAMM rolls on, so keep your eye out here for more info as it unfolds.

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