CARLOS SANTANA’s PRS Silver Sky Prototype Is For Sale On Reverb

If you want to own the prototype of the PRS Silver Sky John Mayer originally owned by Carlos Santana, here’s your chance! Yes, PRS sent Carlos Santana a prototype of the PRS Silver Sky model back in 2017. The Santana model was used as a blueprint for the production line of the Silver Sky guitars, so it’s a very cool find!


“This 2017 (12-12-2017) PRS Silver Sky USA John Mayer model was the prototype of the Silver Sky model (the holy grail of modern guitars),” reads the description.

“Very important and valuable piece of musical history. Extremely rare collectors item. Pre-production guitar, the birth, mother, and blueprint of the Silver Sky model. PRS officially released the Silver Sky model in 2018. This guitar was owned by Carlos Santana. Including verification letters personally signed and prototype confirmed by Paul Reed Smith and hardcase.”

You can get it here on the UK Reverb site for the low price of just over $83,000. You can also just buy a Silver Sky here (or a Silver Sky SE) for way less than that… and if they’re all modeled after the Santana one, it’s like owning the Santana prototype. Right?

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