Caparison Guitars Releases the TAT Special CL14

Caparison Guitars recently decided to go all out on a custom line of their TAT guitars. This neck-thru series of guitars is most notable for the arched body design, wherein the neck isn’t parallel to the body. I could probably explain it more thoroughly but why don’t I just show you a picture?



There you go. And when observing the chart above you can mentally replace the name of Caparison’s “Dellinger” model with “most guitars.”

The new TAT Special CL14 model features a a plethora of frets, 27 in fact, on an ebony fretboard, which lays atop a maple/walnut neck. The sides are mahogany on the bottom and flame maple on top. Apparently there’s some kind of paint to oil stain fade going on with the finish, but that sounds like the kind of thing you need a wizard for so I’m not sure if I buy it. In case you weren’t looking closely, that’s not a single-coil pickup at the neck position, but Caparison’s own SH27-F rail humbucker. It’s matched by a  PH-R humbucker in the bridge.


This much guitar luxury don’t come cheap. Expect to see the TAT Special to sell for $4,429 in the US. But TAT’s the price you pay for quality. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no Caparison.

I’d better end this article before a couple of Muppets start heckling me from the balcony…

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  • TAT Special is not new at all, this is just a custom line release of the original ones. It’s actually the 3rd run.

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